15 Popular Nigerian Websites To Post Their Stories For Free

The present dispensation demands that writers make themselves a great number of followers even before they publish. There is an upsurge in the number of Nigeria story website and forums available at the moment and it will be great to know the websites you can gather as much popularity that you want.
The following Nigerian websites should be a good help for you:

Writer 15 popular website to post your stories for free

1. Nairaland: Nairaland Forum (Literature Section)
This is a forum own by Seun Osewa. Although the section does not support writers monetarily, it has helped many upcoming writers find their feet. Many writers have been birth out of this great forum. The readers of this forum are enough to spur you to keep writing. Many upcoming writers have been able to finish their books because they constantly write on this forum. Also, Literature Section’s Moderators, Obinnau and Divepen, are really trying a lot as they work hand in hand with the top admins, Lalasticlala and Mynd44, take stories to the front page and that helps upcoming writers get popularity. Of recent Writertain, Kinwanye and Wonderlustafrik concluded various competitions on the board which makes it a place to be for writers.
And the website has a regular N5000 monthly award for the writers.
Visit: Nairaland

2, Naijastories
This is a site own by Mine Whyteman. At the inception of the site, people got money from posting and commenting on the site but for numerous reasons, the money is not being paid any longer. Yet, the site functions to make upcoming writers have their stories on its front page. Naijastories has supported a lot of writers and would keep doing so.

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Visit: Naijastories

3. Coolval22
With its consistency, this website has finally become a popular place to post interesting stories. The members can register and post their stories themselves. Although they favour other topics, they give a higher priority to fictions. You can check it out.
Visit: Coolval

4. Storried: Storried supports monetarily and popularity wise. This site was founded by a nairalander, Maclatunji (Abdulkabir Olatunji) and two of his friend Andy Akhigbe and Muyiwa gam-Ikon. The site was made to support writers and they have making Impact by giving out 20000 naira every month to a writer with the best short story. Also, they support a lot of upcoming writers by posting their stories on their blog.
Visit: Storried

5. Moskeda Pages: Own by Sally Kenneth Dadzie. With the website, a lot of writers have been featured on the website including her own stories.
Visit: Moskeda Pages

6. Ozilatales: Another interesting fiction blog that accommodates stories from different authors. Although the website contains stories from different authors, it is easy to conclude that the admin does most of the posting of the stories, which implies that you have to send your submissions to the admin.
Visit: Ozilatales

7. Ebonystory: This is one website that makes it very easy to post your story without being a member. All you need to do is to click on post a story and you a posting pane will open for you. Afterwards, the admin will scrutinize the story to see if meets their standard.
Visit: Ebony Stories

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8. Ukwumango: a website that is as fresh as mango itself. This website has multiple writers but from the look of things, you will need to be a member of the group before you can get the opportunity to post stories.
Visit: Ukwumango

9. Penastory: This is another great story blog that has come into the limelight with their stories. You get the chance to be featured on their website if you can follow some of their rules.
– They love Erotic stories
– You can send flash fiction, short stories and series.
– Your series should be up to seven episodes
– You are ready to accept any editing done on your work.
-Their editor is the only one allowed to post on their website.
Visit: Penastory

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10. Stories.Ng: This is another beautiful website that accepts stories from different authors. All you need to do is to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on tell your stories. The process is simple hence.

11. Omenana: This website is all about fantasy, mysticism, paranormal. More so, they don’t post your stories on their website. It goes into their magazine and you will receive a laudable pay for your fiction.
Visit. Omenana.com

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12. Madivas Story: this is an online magazine for women. So, if you’re a male and want to post your story on their website, you will need to make sure your protagonist is a Diva.
Visit: Madivastories

13. Tushstories: here is another website that provides the platform for creativity. They make it their mission to encourage the process of posting your creative works. To submit on their website, all you need to do is to click on the ‘submit’ link. Then, you will upload your work in the doc format.
Visit: Tush Stories

14. CFwriters: here is another beautiful website for writers. The submission process is also easy to use.
Visit: Cfwriterz

15. DNBstories: This is a site own by Daniel Ndako is one that allows upcoming writers to send stories to their site. It has helped upcoming writers to become better by popularizing their work on its site. Since not every writer can just post on the site and this makes upcoming writers do a thorough editing of their work before sending it for publication.

Do you know any website that has been helping writers? Hit us in the comment box.
Have you enjoyed any of them? Let others know how you felt about them.

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