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Types of Flashbacks in A Story

Flashback is trying to show the readers things that have happened in the past. Many writers are fond of using it because it is one of the most effective ways of telling a backstory. It is like telling the reader to stop because you want to redirect their focus to a past in the story.
Now, as you develop your writing skills, you can try it out and utilize it in various ways that will surprise you yourself.

There two major types:
1. Internal Flashback: this is the type of flashback that points to something that happened after the story had begun. This implies that the time of flashback will be between the time the narrative starts and the period the flashback happens.
In most Sherlock Holmes story, Dr Watson always has a flashback to the time they saw a little action that would have made them know someone was the criminal but they overlooked.
2. External Flashback: this type of flashback is such that happens before the narrative begins. A good example of this can be found in the book, Joy of Motherhood, after the first chapters, Buchi Emecheta took the readers back to the time before Nnu Ego came to Lagos. This event happened before the narrative started.
In recent times, a great number of books and actors indicate the time stamp to help people have a knowledge of when the event occurs. In most movies, they might blur the scene etc. But how can one use Flashback in stories? Next Wednesday, we will study it.

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