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Describing Children Day in Nigeria

Describing Children Day in Nigeria
When writing stories, there are some little things that will spice a story and a lack of them might give your story a little hiccup.
Having this thesaurus at hand can make it easy for you to describing without building a big hole in the plot of your story.
Sight: excitement in children, most children will be at home, some children rushing to school, the students going to school will be on white socks, children going to a stadium or a place to have fun children helping mothers that are traders, children watching television programmes
Hearing: noise of excitement in children, disturbance, squeaking and giggling from the little ones, cry from the ones that have being injure or beaten or bullied, mothers or Guidant yelling at the children/wards,
Feeling: Happiness for the children, a desire for silence by the adults, a desire to make the children enjoy their day, some parents will want to see their children read their books, a

Stereotypical genres this description can be used
It is believed that using children day will be restricted to romance, children story or a bit of young adults However, you can change it and can add it your Thrillers or Actions or Even Wild Fantasy.

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