Writertain Publishers Interviews 5 Pitfalls For New Writers- Mixsiefunbooks

5 Pitfalls For New Writers- Mixsiefunbooks

In one of our classes, we had a representative of Mixsiefunbooks– Mary Onyekwelu, creative manager at Mixsie Audiobook Ltd -talk to Writers about Mistakes new writers make. This is a website that has made a name for itself by being one of Africa’s best audiobook platforms.
Despite having a generic theme, Mixsiefun shares a different perspective on the pitfalls new writers will likely encounter.
1) Nothing New: Feeling that there’s no point in writing your story because it has been said before. Kindly delete this mindset. Yes, it has been said before, but not by you. You have your own unique style of writing and expression. Therefore, you’ll definitely have your own unique audience
2) Low income: Well, writing pays if you continue in it. Build a name for yourself and very soon, you’ll become the next *Chimamanda*, and people would fall over themselves to pay for your work.

3) Waiting for inspiration: This has killed so many stories. Most times, inspiration comes while you are writing. Just pick up your writing materials and be determined to put something down daily. Then, your creative juices would begin to flow.
4) Feeling that you’re not good enough: Everyone started from somewhere. Even the best today was once a novice. You need to trust your growth process.
5)Expecting your first draft to be a bestseller: Your first draft is exactly what it is: a ‘first draft’. Don’t expect it to be perfect. Give it your best and give it to experts to edit.

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