Top Bookclubs in Nigeria 2019

Having a good book can make the heart flutter. Having people you can discuss such a book with is another thing that gladdens the heart. There are several ways you can have these discussions and one of such ways is by visiting a book club.
According to HuffPost, in a book club, you meet interesting people and would read things you wouldn’t otherwise read. Some books can’t be discarded; they need to be discussed and in doing that, you get the chance to eat sweet snacks. Yes, it comes along with it. I can perceive it from here. Sweet lord!
The following are the most popular book clubs in Nigeria and you can easily join them on social media.

1. Book Worms Arise: This is one of the most popular book clubs in Nigeria. Although it is relatively new when compared to others, it has a great presence online and offline. At present, they have physical meetings at Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Kwara, Adamawa, Enugu and Port Harcourt.
They not only concern themselves with book reading, they also concern themselves with book reviews and author interviews.
Visit: Website

2. Thebookwormcafeng: this is an online children’s reading club that inspires a reading culture in children. They loan books to kids and sell children’s book.
Visit: Website

  • 3.Tabitha’s Kids Book Club: they are a seller of books and also a book club. They run their book club offline since their members are children. Most of the time, they try to get the authors of books to read in front of children.
    Check out their social media page on Visit: Instagram
    3. Channel Book Club: this is a website run by the reputable TV station, Channels. They feature top writers to discuss books. The viewers are mostly the members.
    Learn More at Website
    4. Youngreaderslibrary: this is another book club for young readers. They are the recipient of the British Council Business Acceleration Award. They run the book club alongside publishing and selling of children’s book.
    5.OnkaweBookClub: this is a book club restricted to readers located in Ibadan, a south western state in Nigeria. So, if you’re going anywhere Molete, Bodija, Challenge, Sango, Oyo or anywhere in Ibadan this month, try to locate them to have a nice time
    Visit: Website
    6. SunshinesBookClub: This book club finds joy in reading books by Africans and other inspiring authors.
    Visit: Website
    7. I am Dynamite Book Club: this book club takes it upon themselves to read mostly motivational book. So, if you’re one that gets bore of fiction easily. Here is a place to take pitch your tent. They meet regularly offline but have a base on WhatsApp.
    You can join them through Whatsapp
    8. The barely literate Club: this is another book club that has their meetings offline and use Instagram to share their next location and the next book to read. You don’t want to miss this.
    Check them out on Instagram
    9. Boldoz Bookclub: this is an online bookclub run by Boldoz bookstores, which is located in Uyo.
    Visit: Website
    11. Rainbow Book Club: with its headquarter located in Port Harcourt, it is one book club with the goal of UNESCO as its watchword. They aim to help in the reading culture of children in Nigeria. They invite top officials to join them in the reading campaign.
    Visit: Website
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