Writertain Publishers Interviews My Secrets to Writing Bestselling Books- Sally Dadzie

My Secrets to Writing Bestselling Books- Sally Dadzie

Many people have written books but few people have been able to make to a bestselling list. Today, we want to look at read from a writer who made over a million in a few months through self-publishing.

Sally Dadzie is a bestselling Author, who writes regularly at Moskeda Pages. Sally Kenneth Dadzie is an author, who uses her blog, Moskeda Pages, to help upcoming writers as well as showcase her work. She had been named Okadabooks bestseller especially with her book, The Fourth Finger, with which she was able to make more than half a million naira in a month. She won the best Fiction Writer in the Nigerian Writers Awards 2017.

Below are some of her secrets to writing a book that sells.

1. Find The Right Inspiration: Life. Nothing is as inspiring as life. Humans have uncountable untold stories and we’ve not scratched the surface yet. I love to go out and meet new people to get inspired. Also, hunger drives my creativity too. Somebody has to put food on the table
Reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, absorbing a lot of articles and essays, following inspiring people online and then writing a lot. I don’t stop writing. I absorb as much as I can and always look for new ways to tell my stories.
2. Know Your Writing Process: When asked What is your writing process like?
I don’t have a straight answer for this one. Every book or story comes with its juice and I flow with it. But importantly, I don’t play with rewrites. I always revisit the work to make it better. I also work a lot with my husband on the premise and characters.

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3. Learn How to Fight: Writers must have a cause or something they believe in, which would eventually be seen in whatever you write. When talking about detaching her own history in her story, she has this to say.
It took me years to write a bit of myself. However, I write about people around me and things I see. But in writing, you can’t help but put in some part of yourself (either beliefs or opinions). It’s mostly a subconscious thing. A good balance is when you don’t allow what you believe stand out as law in your works, unless it’s an opinion piece. You should always balance it out or attack it critically.
Yes, stand out for good causes. You’ll be forgiven if you do.
I don’t have a big idea or message most times, and if I do, it gets lost in the story. I concentrate on the characters and plot. If the story is good, people pick many life’s lessons from it. I want every story I write to be like the elephant which ten blind men described after feeling for the first time. Everyone gets to see something different
Theme is not really a word in my dictionary when writing a story. Plot is. You can’t write a story without a plot. If theme is what Idris described as a message, no, I don’t have a message. I have a story to tell. And every story unfolds with its message(s).

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4. Relax Before You Crash: Another problem most writer face is their inability to rest for a bit. Sally Dadzie, talks about getting tired said,
‘Sure. It happens. Sometimes you feel drained. Best is to just relax and do other stuff.
Unless you’re not a writer. Yes, you can get discouraged, but no, never give up, please. The entire writing and marketing process. It’s all a challenge

5. Stay Focused Even When Ideas Keep Flying: People have a lot idea all at once and feel like writing everything at the same time. Sally Dadzie has some to say about this.
First of all, pen them down. However, only one is meant to be at that moment. So work with that which speaks strongly to you constantly. Or weirdly you may find that you can actually connect all three.

6. Use an Editor That Knows You: Your voice is important and editing can remove it from story when you start but Sally has an opinion about that.
As a writer, you have to do both. Never neglect your own voice in the editing process. Then, give it to someone capable, who wouldn’t drown out your voice. There are proofreaders and there are editors, and there are also different types of editing.

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7. Be Different in Choosing Your Title:
Sell-ability. Uniqueness. Mystery.

You don’t want your book title to be the same with someone else’s or not pack a punch. It has to stand out. And then think of Google. If you type it in Google, are you the only one who owns that title?

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