Writertain Publishers Event Theasaurus Describing A typical Christmas day in Nigeria

Describing A typical Christmas day in Nigeria

New clothes on children, busy women, men gathering to gist, fume from small generators in case there is no power supply, chicken being killed, blood of chicken, women and young girls having new hairstyles, young ladies moving on bikes to visit family or boyfriend, young ladies being carried in cars, minted money being given to children, sparks from knockouts, cold drinks being moved from house to house, children and women taking food to neighbors’ houses, traders of drinks moving about to stock their fridges with drinks, jollof rice, children whose cloth had been stained by droplets of food

Loud music, pots clanging, knockouts, mothers calling on their children, children playing with their mates, sounds of music blasting from stereos, generators

Party mood, agitation for the women, a need for perfection for the women, loneliness for some people
Food, drinks
Cooked food- jollof rice, white rice and stew, fried or boiled fish, fried meat, drinks- alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones.

(Sub)Genres You Can Use This Day
– YA/Fantasy /Children story ( A soft hunger and description should do)
-Horror/Action/ Crime/ Detective – (use this details to make the readers edgy)
– Romance/Drama- (Use the details to excite the reader or make it seems bland just from the point of view of the readers)

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What are the things that are peculiar to Christmas that you still can’t see here? What feeling do you get from Christmas?
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