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Getting ISBN in South Africa

You may not need ISBN for your books but it’s highly important if you wish to make profit from your book sales. So if you ever wanted to print your ebook in paperback, Audio book and print. then you will need an ISBN. But if you decide to sell your book on Amazon etc… Then, ISBN would be of no benefit to you.
In order to get an ISBN as a South African Author you need to;
1. Download and complete the MS Word ISBN application form.
2. After that, Email your completed application to Kholofelo at the NLSA (The National Library of South Africa).
3. After you receiving your ISBN numbers, then you insert it into the proper places. For eBooks just insert the numbers on the copyright page. and for prints include the ISBN on the back cover together with an ISBN barcode.
4.Then, produce the book, with the new ISBN numbers included.

5. Finally, give a copy of your book to the NLSA. How do you send your copy across to NLSA;
For eBook, If you still want to get an ISBN number, then: Email a copy of your eBook to legaldeposit@nlsa.ac.za.
For print: Ship a single physical copy of the book to the National Library in Pretoria.
For audiobooks physical copies would still need to be sent to the NLSA Pretoria as well as National Film, Video and Sound Archives (NFA) as well.


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