Writertain Publishers Day Thesaurus Describing the Morning In Africa

Describing the Morning In Africa

Describing the morning in Africa is like describing the daily routine!
Morning is Africa is always as it has ever be!- Busy and Hurry, morning determine how the goes right?

Sight: Children are seen doing domestic chore before leaving for school while parents also prepare for their place of work, some children are seen crying while some children are seen rushing to school buses, taxi or bike, crying toddlers seen glueing to there parent, office men and women all on in hurry to get to work as early as possible. Food sellers are seen by the road side trying to sell to passerby.

Hear: The horn of cars and school buses are familiar with the morning in Africa, also that of bikes, hear the cry of children that doesn’t want to go to school.

Feel: The feel of being in a hurry is a common thing.

Smell: Exhaust from cars, burning of waste from the previous day, smell of dust from the floor that is being swept, smell of breakfasts from different houses.

Occurrence: Price hike by transporters

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