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How To Write Great Teasers

Do you know that writing a book teaser can add promotional value to your book. It’s like a short story about the book you Intend selling. It can be about 250 to 300 words, that can move your readers to read your book. Infact if your teaser is mind blowing then, readers would definately want to read more by wanting to buy the book.
meanwhile here’s how to write thrilling and captivating teasers;

  • Your book teaser should briefly contain the plot of the book.
  • Ensure to introduce the main character, the kind of situation they’re in, the problem they face, and some of the twists that occur.
  • Write about the main character of the story. Writing about the other people in the story might bore readers.
  • Write about at least one or two of the many challenges the main character faces in your teaser.
  • While writing your teaser, ensure you are conscise. Don’t explain why you wrote the book or how it has changed your life. (they aren’t meant for teasers.
  • While writing your teaser don’t include this phrases, ‘you have to buy this book… Or ‘you need this book now…. Or ‘this book will change your life’s. No! You don’t have to do that. You need to show readers how good and great your book is through mind blowing and captivating descriptions.
  • Do not include EVERYTHING in your teaser. You have to keep the description short and end it in a cliffhanger style so as to keep your readers on their toes, wanting more…..
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Also do not include the number of reviews your book has as it would make the whole description more lengthy.
Here is an example of Teasers;

The Enchanted Swans by Christy Nicholas
Fionnuala must care for her three brothers while learning to live under an evil curse. Will she find a way to break the spell, or will they remain swans, tethered to three places for nine hundred years?
Between the Lines by Annette Lyon
Like the rest of the Aid and Cultural Society, Jane Martin assumes that her letter-writing friend lives hundreds of miles away. But the romantic, intelligent author she’s enamored with is Thomas Allred, whom she’s known all her life—and who’s falling in love with her.

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