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To some, writing isn’t the issue but self-publishing is most certainly a problem for most writers/authors. Getting your work across to the right self-publishing company determines how far your work is going to go. A lot of authors want to get their books published but only a few can shoulder the expense that comes with it.
Self-publishing allows authors to choose their own publishing feature that fits their pocket. It involves submitting your manuscript in a word format to your publisher. This is different from the Traditional method of publishing as there are different benefits to Self-publishing.
There are different self-publishing companies in Nigeria
They are;

  • Evans Brothers LTD: Evans Brothers is also one of the leading publishing companies in Nigeria. They specialize in the publication of textbooks (Nursery, Primary and secondary). It’s head office is located in Ibadan.
  • Black Tower Publishers: This publishing company also specializes in Christian publications it is located in Awka.
  • Kachifo: Kachifo is one of the Afro centric leading publishers. Its works are Farafina books: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ben Okra etc. They are well known in Mostly African publications.
  • Literamed Publications Nigeria LTD
    This publisher is Nigeria’s leading publishing company that deals with children book. It was established in 1969. It is the publisher of the popular ‘Lantern books’ which is known all over Nigeria and across Africa. This company’s headquarters is located in Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Grace Springs Africa Publisher
    This publishing company is a known Christian publisher. They specialize in propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian literatures. Their head office is located in Lagos.
  • Cassava Republic
    Cassava Republic is one of Africa’s leading book publishers. It’s aim is to ensure that African works are being read both here and abroad.
  • The New Gong
    This publishing company is also Nigerian based. They provide varieties of services that includes; magazines, books etc
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There are other self-publishing companies in Nigeria. You just find the one that suits you and work with them to get your work published. Cheers!

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