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22 Things To Do After You Self-Publish in Nigeria and Anywhere else

22 Things To Do After You Self-Publish in Nigeria and Anywhere else.

So, you have self-published your books. Congratulations!!! You have just made a feat that a few people find the chance and time to do. The question is: What next? Should you start dancing like Tomi Adeyemi… Yes? You should but only for thirty minutes and probably for the Internet. Yes, you need to be excited for the Gram or else they will soon see the fear in your heart about what next? The fear of how to market your book after self-publishing

This is the next book after Harry Potter, we know. Even Oliver Twist or Fifty Shade of Greys are babies behind the concept you’re bringing to the world. We agree… If you fail to do the following, you will soon start

– Giving out your books

– Using your books as Grammar check or to prove you were a writer…

So, what’s next? What do you think should happen? Where should you go? Should you give marketers?

Writertain has got you covered as regards the next things after self-publishing especially in Nigeria.

To start with, you need

Author’s Branding

It is good to have all of these but in case, you can’t, you’re at liberty to pick some of them. A good landing page will help you get your book out.

  1. Book Website (.com or NG) and customisation: You need a place to use as your landing page when people search for you online.
  2. Registration at Mailchimp or any other email website and setting-up
  3. Have A Page on Writertain: We are all about information and would be so delighted to drop information about you and your book here.
  4. Have a social media presence: Have a page on the three most popular social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Then, pick the one you feel you would love to be active on. Most people choose Instagram because it allows them to post immediately on the other platforms. However, a research done last year shows a lot of writers favour Twitter to all other websites.
  5. Have A Cause You are fighting For: Your book… What’s it all about? Use it as a cause and keep talking about it.
  6. Get Followers and Fans: Your book is eternal and if it is truly for the world, people will keep reprinting even after you’re gone ask Charles Babbage ( Sorry, Charles Dickens). So, create email opt-ins that will blow their minds away.
  7. If you have published in the hardcover, try publishing online
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The next thing you should consider is the way you want to advertise.

  1. Create posters and banner: Preferably use the softcopy and post it on social media regularly.
  2. Use paid adverts on social media
  3. Advertise it on popular websites e.g Nairaland, Reddit

Book Events

  1. Book Launch: ( I saw ‘Book Lunch’ somewhere! Well, you can do that too if you’re up for it) If you’ve not done that and feel you’re capable of doing it, then by all means do that. Make it interesting. Spice it with games relating to the book.
  2. Book Reading: You can also organize a book reading event. Just ensure you bring chinchin, milkose (do they still sell those?), minimie, and for those of us that love going traditional- bring Garri, cold water, and fried fish. In essence, bring something to munch while reading book. Any type of music can accompany it.
  3. Competition: Organize competitions but be ready to part with your money.

Book Reviews

The next thing you need is to write a good review for your book, try it out yourself

  1. Writer a teaser.. This might look like something you have done before but if you need to write different versions, start now. Check out our discussion about teasers here
  2. You can also use various book reviews sites. We have a top list for you to check from.
  3. Use book clubs also. Nigeria has a lot of top book clubs that have promoted books beyond descriptions.
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  1. You need interviews also
  2. Get interviewed on Writertain (Claps! Luckily, we are not conventional and will make you teach instead of the regular discussions)
  3. Talk to radio and TV stations or podcasts that allow book interviews
  4. Get interviewed on Blogs like Pellura.top and so many others.

When you are creating these awareness ensure, you

  1. Plan for a long time
  2. Ensure they all go simultaneously. The boost makes people curious.

If you need any of these services, we provide them. All you need to do is to send a message asking for the price of the ones you want. Chikena!

This post is dedicated to Isabella Okeke, who wanted to know the next step after self-publishing her book. Congratulations to her.

Do you have anything you can add to this list? Drop your comment below…

Do you have any request you want us to discuss, drop it below or send it to our email writertain@gmail.com

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