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The First Two Things To Do Before Advertising Your Self-published Book

So, last week, I wrote a post about the thing to do after you have published your book. If you’ve not read it, head there now. There are some information you will not naturally see on any foreign blogs in that post. The most exciting part of the post was that a writer told me how she was about to give up after getting 2500 views and only one sale on her book. I mean that’s ludicrous and can cause depression. The only thing that made her bounce back was the 22 things to do when you have self-published in Nigeria and I recommend you see the mind-blowing work she published herself on Okadabooks.
As I said before, even if you’re J.K Rowling or Chimamanda Adichie, you will soon start going into oblivion if you have not done the essential parts needed to make things happen. And that brings us to the core of today’s discussion. What are the first things to do after publishing your book? You must have read how to write a good review and the great teasers but are still not getting enough sales. Do you need suya and drinks as you stretch your leg in front of your favourite TVShows

A lot of people rush off to continue with social media adverts or even general adverts but are yet to make any sale. So, that brings us to the question of who do you think you are? This is not to motivate you but to ask you, why will anyone read your book when it could be another book out there? You’re posting it on their walls and making them see it but they don’t have any knowledge of who you’re? Why will someone have the desire to buy your book? Like my friend Karo Oforofuo of Pelleura.top, would say, it’s not a function of how well you have gone, it’s a function of how much (time and money) you’re ready to spend to present yourself to the world.
Many of us have failed at this and it took us a long time to realise our mistakes but there is hope. Today, we will deal with the first two things to do when you just published your book even before embarking on any solid adverts.
1. Get A Landing Page: This is the place you find the information about your book. Despite having the money for great sales and getting various reviews on their books, most of the Nigerian Popular publishing houses still have a landing page for their authors. Some of them have two pages – the about me and that of the book. Some of them will still have my books in the store (pastor has started 72 days fasting and prayer for my sake. Join us).
With your landing page, you can easily direct your buyers to the place(s) they can get your books as well as the reviews you get. Now, I would have advised that you use Facebook pages but it can limit you. The two major landing pages are
A. Personal Website: This pays more if you create it with the knowledge that your book is forever and that you will publish more books. It will even give you the chance to do more than just hold your book information. It will even give you a chance to post thoughts as time goes on. If you’re a traditionally published author, you’re lucky. Your publishing house has done the job for you but if you’re a self-published author, whether digital or not, whether with a company or personally, you need to work o, my sister. Work o my brother.
Well, I can create a website for you with shikili money. Let’s talk about that. Send a message to me at Writertain@gmail.com (if you need a contact number, tell me in the email).

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B. A Page on A Third Party’s Website: This is a place you can post information about your book and use it to the best of your advantage. One big problem is that you’re restricted to the things the website wants. Moreover, you will not be able to make room for email subscribers. Don’t you worry. At Writertain, we provide the opportunity to have your page for just #2000 (two thousand naira) and still get email subscribers. With it, you will be able to make modifications. Don’t worry, because I’m also in charge, I will update it to fit the new discoveries we make as we go on and you can get your email subscription page on it.
2. Email Subscriptions: Your followers and fans on Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are not yours. They are just there as followers. You can’t send them bulk message. However, when you have an email subscribers list, you own them. Like, own them. You can easily send information to them and expect responses and even monitor the number of people that opened the message because they deliberately subscribe to your post. All you need to do is to keep screaming about your book. No wonder Okadabooks and the others can quickly disturb us. By the way, Creativewritersnews and Okadabooks, if any of your people are reading this, I am immune to your email this week. No matter how enticing they are, I’m not opening them.
Back to us. You need to have a list. I can’t emphasize that. But most people do not know how to set it up on their websites and most pages will not allow you to that on their page.
To that end, Writertain is offering you this and it’s for the first 20 people. I want to help more people and we need money to help these guys. I am a moderator on Nairaland Literature Board and I am faced with writers dying to be heard. So, we have a lot of things to put together to encourage these guys before they stop writing totally too. So, the price will increase soon.
Writertain’s Offer
1. You need a website and its customization, check out Menvocate.com. I own it and designed it. We’re still working on it. But what can you see because I can see something better for your website? Let’s talk.
2. A page without me customizing your email is #2000. This means you have to go through the rigour of designing it and creating a list yourself. All I’ll do is to help you put the opt-in page on my website.
3. A page with me customizing your email and doing the blablabla. I will even help you send, but not write, your first two newsletters for just #3000
4. To help customize your website to look better and help you with the email subscription- #7000
Don’t waste time, let’s talk.
Check out the consultancy page for more information.

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