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The Social Media Addict


Gbenga was a good man blessed with a good wife, but no child. They were married for two years. Gbenga’s wife was a social media addict. She was regularly on social media and did not have enough time to cook for her husband.

One day, Gbenga’s wife, Grace, was cooking with a hot plate while she was inside the sitting room, chatting on the phone. She had forgotten that she was cooking. When her husband came in he started perceiving something burning but Grace did not know that her husband had arrived. 

Gbenga berated her. ‘Did you want to set the house on fire? You are always busy on social media. Now, you did not remember that you were cooking’.

 Grace rushed to the kitchen and turned off the gas. And she went back to the sitting room and started begging her husband.

‘If I forgive you easily, you won’t know what offence you have done’, Gbenga said angrily and went into the bedroom. 

Three months later, while Grace was driving, she was chatting on social media. As she was driving, she suddenly lost control and had an accident. Some people near the incident called on an ambulance and took her away. 

The information reached Gbenga and he was so confused. At the hospital, when Grace opened her eyes, she found herself and saw her husband beside her.

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‘Where am I? I was driving the I lost control’, said Grace.

‘Will you just shut up and you are always on social media… Firstly, you wanted to set the house on fire. Now, you want to kill yourself because of social media. If you continue this social media frenzy, I’m going to divorce you’, Gbenga said angrily and walked out. Grace started crying and had no one to tell her to stop crying.

Some weeks later, Grace had recovered well and was in the sitting room with her husband.

‘Why are you so quiet today. You are not chatting today’, Gbenga asked. 

‘Are you making jest of me? I had learnt a big lesson on what social media is causing in human’s life. See, social media is doing much harm than good on our today’s youth. I’ve learnt my lesson’, replied Grace. 

Gbenga was very happy with the statement his wife gave him. Since then, Gbenga and his wife are now living happily and later gave birth to three children.

Christiana Ojo is a pioneer member of the Writetain Writers’ Club (the secondary school version). She is a Grade 9 student of Nawairudeen Middle School, Osun State. When she’s not writing, she’s trying her hands at craft.

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