Writertain Publishers Short Stories The Pain of Tomorrow- Aminat Adesanmi

The Pain of Tomorrow- Aminat Adesanmi

There was a couple who gave birth to a set of twins in Lagos. They exposed their twins to Social media in their tender age.

 One day, when their Aunt came to their house, she was surprised when she saw the twins, busy on their phones, not knowing when she entered. Their aunt was not happy and talked to their parents but their parents were not happy about her rebuke. So, they sent her out. They thought there was nothing wrong with it.

On the other side of Lagos, there was another couple who gave birth to twins. They did not expose their children to social media because they know that their children are God’s gift to them. So, they kept teaching them the way to use social media and the dangerous effect of social media.

One day, a visitor came to their house; the visitor was surprised and glad about the twins because the visitor saw them reading their books. This visitor bought some textbooks and some interesting literature. They thanked the visitor.

The two sets of twins attended the same school. The first twins that had phones showed some of the things they saw on the internet to the other twins. But the other twins would always report to their teacher or their parents.

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One day, the first twins were watching nude videos on their phones and they invited the second twins to watch, unknowing to the second twins. Immediately, they saw what the first twins were watching, they reported to their class teacher. The class teacher punished the first twins and seized their phones. The twins knew that it was the second twins, who reported to their teachers and they decided to ambush them on their way home and beat them mercilessly.

The second twins were sad and their parents asked them what happened, they told their parents everything. Their parents begged them and told them they will report to their teachers. The twins told them not to worry about    telling their teacher.

One day, the teachers taught the students the effect of social media. The first twins didn’t bother themselves about what the teacher taught them. They counted it as a waste of energy.

After two years, the two twins graduated from secondary school. The first twins gained admission into the University of Ibadan, while the other set went to the University of Ilorin. In their 200 level, second semester examination. The first twins were caught cheating in their exam halls with their phone. Due to this, they were expelled. 

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After two years, the second twins graduated and worked in a big company. They told their parents about the first twins and they felt sad about that way of life.

Social media has cybercrime, nude videos etc. So, we should be careful about misusing social media.

Aminat Adesanmi is a pioneer member of Writertain Writer’s Club. She’s a grade 9 student of Nawairudeen Middle School, Osun state, Nigeria

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