Writing Prompt: 3  First Lines

I’ll drop three first lines pick one and start writing, non-stop

First Line 1: The boat capsized and the people began to struggle for their lives

First Line 2: She sank into the chair and gaped at him.

First Line 3: He just knew there was something wrong especially when the rain refused to stop

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9 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 3  First Lines

  1. By Chiis, A Nairalander

    He just knew there was something wrong especially when the rain refused to stop.
    It had begun suddenly with no prior warning.
    A day which minutes ago, had been clear and full of life was suddenly transformed into darkness by a violent, raging storm.
    After waiting several minutes under a shed and the rain showed no signs of abating, He decided to brave it and make a dash for home
    He ran blindly, stumbling at times and he was thoroughly drenched, but He had to get home. He had been feeling uneasy after he’d stormed out following a particularly explosive argument he’d had with Moni in the morning.
    Getting home, He met the front door locked. ‘Moni!!’, he called out, rapping loudly on the door at the same time. There was no reply.
    After doing this for some time, He made His way to the back, He would call out to Her through the bedroom window.
    Perhaps, She was fast asleep.
    He frowned slightly on sighting the wide-open bedroom window. This is so unlike Moni , He thought.
    ‘Moni’ ,He called softly, looking into the room at the same time.
    What He saw made His heart stop…

  2. by Yhoungbrownnie, Nairaland..
    The boat capsized and the people began to struggle for their lives.
    The student of joy international, were going on an excursion, to the famous river Niger. where the brave man Mungo park lost his life. as part of there Semester practical.
    they set out in the morning with the hope of making the trip interesting and unforgettable. the journey started smoothly without any day. getting to there destination before 12pm the children where happy seeing the river they’ve been hearing about.
    the student, teacher and the instructor where jam pack on a single boat. the cold breeze and the sandy sand make it interesting as the student where waw by what thy say. starting the journey from the shore of the river to the middle is stress free, not until heavy wind start blowing and make the boat capsized and everybody Start struggling for there life. before the rescue team could get to them all life of the student teacher and boat instructor have been cut short.

    He is an article writer. Contact him @
    aayanpoju@gmail.com. whatsapp 08120292561

  3. By Klissb who writes at http://www.klisbpaper.com

    Before the rescue team could get to them, all lives of the students, teachers and boat instructors had been cut short.
    The rescue team got to the scene very late when everyhwere was already dark and were welcomed by floating bodies of little children circling quietly on the water surface like weightless toys. Most of them lay face-down, arms spread wide out open like they were trying to swim before the water defeated them. Some died, their back on the water, arms stretched out in a tight grip, like they were trying to grab a ladder that descended from the sky.
    Two kids, a boy and girl, still held their tiny hands together even as their lifeless body danced to the rhythm of the ocean winds trying to separate them.
    Another girl floated alongside her stick sweet. Any direction the wind swayed her, so did her candy.
    The rescue team, often professionally trained for situations like these, seemed too struck by the scene in front of them that none of the six man crew attempted to do anything. They all just watched in silence. No one said a word or moved.
    Pencils, books and soaked torn pieces of papers that contained amateur cartoon drawings, crayon paintings and funny sentences scribbled in funny handwriting littered everywhere.
    The wind slowly blew one of these papers past their boat.
    “I love my mummy and Daddy” it read. The handwriting looked funny as that of every child not concerned about the way their writing looked, but excited that they can now write love letters to mummy and daddy.
    The rescue team, as if scared of touching the bodies, started picking the pencils, books and torn pieces of papers one by one, carefully avoiding the bodies. All this, they did quietly, no one speaking to the other.
    “Her, it could have been my daughter” one of the rescue team member broke the silence, pointing to the candy girl.
    “Or him, him, her, her” she began pointing at all the children.
    No one replied. They just continued picking the papers, books and pencils in silence.
    “Or even her”. Another crew member broke the silence, pointing to a little girl drifting far far away from the rest.
    They drove the boat towards her. She died face-down on water like most of her classmates. She looked smaller than all of them, probably the youngest. One of the crew members scanned her from head to toe with a look of pity and regret, touched her hair, and hesistated a little before he bent over and flipped her lifeless body upside-down to reveal her face.
    Staring into blank space with dead white eyes, was the scariest and most shocking thing any of them had ever seen.
    A dead, smiling face. Teeth in full display.
    You could tell all of them were confused as they gave eachother a questioning look.
    “What’s that?” asked one of them, gesturing to an object floating towards them.
    All of them were beginning to feel uneasy, almost everyone – for the first time – began to take notice of their environment, looking front, left, right and back.
    “It’s her bag”, one of them killed the tension as he picked it up, a picture of a yellow pokemon drawn on the back, water bottle strapped to the side.
    Inside, was a squeezed piece of paper, pencil and sharpener. He unfolded the paper but couldn’t make anything of the crayon writing. He flattened the paper on his lap to get a better look. He could see it clearly now: a little kid’s handwriting.
    “We are all going to die. It will kill us all” , he paused and looked at the crew members who looked back at him like he just cracked a bad Jesus joke.
    “and kill you too”, he continued, reading it this time around one word at a time…..slowly. “It is watching” .
    There was a long pause. All of them looked at eachother, then back to the girl together, almost as if it was rehearsed. The guy holding the piece of paper felt his right hand instantly become weak. The paper began to tremble in his hands like he was carrying a bag of cement one-handed.
    Alongside the writing, was an amateur cartoonish, crayon sketch – something a kid would draw: bodies of little children floating on water, a rescue boat with six crew members on board, one of them holding a squeezed paper.

  4. by Piroux, Nairalander

    She sank into the chair and gaped at him……..
    She didn’t believe he could do this to her after 6 years of convincing her that she had nothing to worry about, that he would wait no matter how long it took, that they could always adopt, then this.
    “Stop looking at my son like that!” His mother shouted. “Isn’t it your fault he had to go outside? Is it his fault you aren’t woman enough to do what even goats do? Ordinary miscarriage you cannot have…. Shioor….Okunrin ninu obinrin!!” She finished derisively.
    All through Busayo just stood by the door wringing his hands together like an innocent child, pleading with his eyes, the presence of his 3 years old twins proof of his fake promises year after year and his lies from the pit of hell.
    Her father-in- law sat quietly beside his older daughter and his wife who he let take the reins as usual. On her beautiful three seater sat her other sister -in-law with the iyawo and twins- who looked remarkably like her husband- she was supposed to accept with arms wide open.
    She couldn’t fight, she was weak, broken, disillusioned. He was the one person who had given her strength through this journey of searching for a child and now to leave her like this, Unclad, alone, betrayed and horribly let down.
    Then she buried her tears and broken heart like a woman and smiled at all of them like the good wife they expected her to be,
    “Thank you my in laws, you have done what elders should do. Welcome to the family Bolajoko…” and facing the children “welcome Taiwo and Kehinde, may God bless all of us and bring more children into this home oh”
    “Amen!” Her father and sisters- in- law chorused enthusiastically, Bolajoko smiled in relief and her mother in law nodded in approval, seemingly pacified. Only her husband looked shocked and it was to him she gave the look…
    Enjoy this moment of peace, her eyes said, for they will not last……

  5. Contin…
    Still holding the phone, he walked past her and stopped behind her.
    “since you don’t want to tell me who Daniels, i guese i will have to investigate into it my self. but i promi…” just then the phone rang out with the caller id DNLS.
    Without thinking twice he swiped to answer and intentionally putting it on speak-out.
    The words from the caller were,
    “Hello sweet love am sorry to call you at this hour, but am missing you already. Hope your impotent is…” the voice stopped maybe noticing the unexpected silence from the other side”Hello! Hello! Sweet Tracy are you there?” immidiatly the line went dead.
    Richard was mad with anger, turning to confront Tracy he met an unexpected sight that made him freeze with fright.

  6. She sank into the chair and
    gaped at him.
    “i believe you can explain as usual. Were
    are you coming from?”he asked sitting
    and calmly observing her.
    She knew there was no way she was
    going to explain her way out of this ,but
    she was going to try and see were
    tonight’s train of lies would be headed.
    “I was at Juana’s, we were discusing
    about us” she said and standing, she
    moved towards him
    “Richard you know as much as i do,that i
    need a child… Of my own”
    “And i belive Juana is your new husband
    right?” looking straight at her with cold
    “No Richard,it just that she was dishing
    out some medical advice that could
    change our predicament”
    For the first time she noticed the pistol on
    the table and her heart sank.
    She was tempted to spill the beans but a
    strange urge to keep the lies going kept
    on pushing her.
    “Who is Daniels?” he asked calmly
    “What!” she asked unintentionally but no
    reply was forth coming.
    “Daniels… Daniels is …. The… Sorry i mean
    Daniels is the frie…”
    “Tracy , who is Daniels and why is your
    phone switched off?” he asked again, this
    time reaching for the pistol.
    “Richard…No its not what you think,
    Daniels is my phone… Soryy i mean my
    phone’s battery was low” she stammared.
    “Then who is Daniels? And i swear if you
    don’t tell me what his card is doing in your
    room ,then God help us” he charged. He
    stretched fort his hands to her”give me
    the phone” he barked.
    She rummaged inside her bag. Brought
    out her phone and handed it to him with
    shaky hands.
    “Now explain to me who Daniels is”

    She stood looking at him with fear in her eyes not knowing what to say and at that miniute he switched on her phone, no sign of a low battery.
    He looked at her and smile.

    “If Daniels is a hard nut to crack for you, i believe you can explain why you phone is 80% filled with life and you stated otherwise.”
    more like a comment than a question, but she knew better.

    “Richard my phone malfunctions at times” she muttered looking at the floor.

    “And you never told me. Tracy for long i have been suspecting you of infidelity but never had facts to back up my claim. Even right now i have found none” droping the gun on the stool beside the couch”but have this at the back of your mind… I TRUST YOU NO MORE,TRACY I DON’T”

    TO BE CONT….

  7. She sank into the chair and gaped at him, she taught he knew how much Lucy meant to her. Lucy went missing a few days ago because he left the entrance to the house opened and she went round the whole estate searching for Lucy without even bothering to blame him, this is the third day and she she hadn’t concluded someone of her paintings for her clients because she went in search of Lucy with no positive results and coming home drained he met her half way in the living room to scold her for not preparing dinner and wandering around aimlessly. It struck her like a bullet because Lucy is like a child to her, a friend and a companion, she hadn’t slept on her feet this few days and it felt like months. How could he say that searching for her 6 months old adorable puppy is an aimless venture. Her mind was racing and before she could utter a word, her eyes had already pooled and he immediately lowered himself on the chair next to her to apologize.

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