Writertain Publishers Interviews No Writer Has The Perfect Plot- Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze (Author, Authentic Mama)

No Writer Has The Perfect Plot- Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze (Author, Authentic Mama)


Discussing “Plot Holes: Covering It Up

Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze is a Nigerian writer and poets that enjoys creating memorable and humorous. She is the author of ‘Authentic Mama’, among other great books. Her book, Authentic Mama, was commended by the film maker, Femi Odugbemi, who would love to see it adopted as a movie or TV Series

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I love writing stories about women’s social and cultural experiences. I have two published novels, a collection of short storiesand a free verse collection. I love to read, colour my hair, take photographs, and I like to refer to myself as a #SimpleEsanGirl. I have a BSc In Sociology & Anthropology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State, an MSc in Medical Sociology from the Royal Holloway University of London, and a second MSc in Globalisation and Development from The Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London.

What Came To Mind When You Wrote Authentic Mama?

Benin City and the street I lived on through my secondary school years inspired my story. Authentic Mama was an excellent way to give readers an x-ray into the experiences of the society’s lower crust. In other words, “area mamas and area boys”. I also never underestimate the power of humour while telling real stories. Anyone who grew up in Benin City can easily relate to Iye Baby and her hustle without judgement, and for those who did not grow up there, it is a peek into an interesting reality.

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Was It An Easy Feat To Link The Daily Lives Of Iye Baby And The Various People She Encountered?

For me, it was easy, because I write about what I know. I like to describe Iye Baby as hard-working and hilariously beautifully flawed. In every society, there are Iye Babys’ and rivals with similar feud triggers. The catalysts for these feuds are usually similar as they range from other people’s husbands, gossip, money, boyfriends, angry wives, and fellow mistresses all in the same hustle. 

To Make This Happen, Did You Write Freely Or Preferred the Use of An Outline?

I started the story writing freely before developing an outline. I was interested in creating memorable characters, and having an outline gave the story a direction.

How Did This Help You To Gather Your Thought?

Every writer has a unique writing style and voice, and this “aproko” style is one I am comfortable with. I feed off events in daily life, and this helps me gather my thoughts.

What Would Have Happened If Your Plot Had A Lot Of Holes?

All I would say here is, no writer has the perfect plot. Readers will always find holes in writers’ plots. That’s what makes us human and critical thinkers.

Deep! Was There Any Time You Got Carried Away with Any Plot And How Did You Retrace Your Steps?

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Many times. I find some of my manuscripts going over a hundred thousand (100,000) words. Then I remember that we live in a fast-paced world, and many readers sometimes do not have the time to read long ramblings, no matter how exciting.

In Covering Plot Holes, What Advice Would You Give Writers?

Make the progressions connected, realistic, and easy to follow. We keep learning.

Is There Any Other Major Advice You Will Like to Give Writers, Especially In The Area Of Plotting Their Stories? 

Write about what you know, view bad reviews as constructive criticism because you can learn from them, and be open to learning new things about the art of writing.

Five Funny And Quirky Questions ( F.F.A.Q.Q)

  1. Describe Color’ Purple’ To Someone Blind? –Think royalty, think something great.

2. Which Of These Have You Ever Experienced: A Dog Chase Or A Cow Chase? – A dog chase.

3. Which Was Your Favorite Tv Comedy Show?

When You’re Mine Or Second Chance? – Never heard of these shows.

4. Which Of These Biscuits Do You Miss?

Sarah (James And The Various ‘Yale’ Biscuits Name After Characters Of The Bible) Or Pepper Snacks. –

Never heard of these. Growing up, we mainly had Cabin biscuits, and then Coaster and Okin biscuits came much later.

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5. Who Do You Miss More: Tony Tetulla Or Azadus? – 

Tony Tetuila

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