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Avant-garde Dressing

Some characters love to dress expensively. This is different from haute couture because the character’s love wearing the most extravagant and excessively eye-catching looks.

In describing an avant-garde dresser, you must be able to link them to certain characteristic that would enliven their function in your work of fiction.

They have very slight difference from your regular haute couture dressers.

Helpful Character Background and Traits

– Rich

– One who loves to be unique

– One who might have a desire for affection

– A means to show affluence

– Diehard fashionistas

– Buys magazines

– Friends to fashionistas

– social media freak

– snaps picture

– Loves to break away from daily expectations

– Wants to recreate the definition of fashion

– Stands out of conventional

Possible Occupation


-Actor or actress

– Entertainer

– Model

– Fashion Designer

Possible Voice to use in writing story

– Condescending

– Pompous

– Colour freak

– Design freak

Possible Group to Walk with

– A friend who loves to leech out of others

– A friend who is also a fashionista

– A friend who loves to be natural ( most likely, their best friend)

Possible Perks

– Neatness freak

– Has mood swing

– Social Media Addiction

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Possible Talent

– Designing and drawing

– Having eyes for colour

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