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Writertain Chronicles: Naija Memories

Theme: Duster

We use this medium to call for writers that like to showcase works of creativity- funny, angry, witty, serious, playful, condescending, angry (Okay, we wrote that before).

All in all, Writertain Publishers believes creativity is richer when combined with diversity. Like the six wise blind men and the elephant, we all cannot have a full perspective of everything. However, when we merge our perspectives and realities, they become human. They bring out a new reality.

For our first call, we will like to explore ‘Duster’. This is the first naija memory we will like to explore. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen in schools. Some organisations use dusters. The company cleaner can fall in love with his female Oga because of a duster. And that duster can be used to solve criminal cases.

No matter what you write, help us see the Naija lifestyle. After all, the theme is Naija Memories.

We, therefore, call for works in the following categories:
– Short stories- Between 1500-4000 words.
– Poem- Not more than 40 lines

Before you send you entries, here are a few things to help us all.

– Even horror stories should be watered down.
– No rape scene description.
– No killing of children description.

Pure Romance is interesting, only when you are one of the first few to send in your entries.

– Experiment.

When sending your entry, please indicate the following:
Brief Bio:

Send your work to writertainpublishers@gmail.com

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