Writertain Publishers Book Review A Review of “Zikora” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A Review of “Zikora” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


In a time when more men are becoming better at taking responsibility for their family and actions, Zikora is a reminder that we’re not done just yet.

You might have read numerous perspectives to the wonderful piece careful served by the awesome Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. And I can tell you: it is their opinions. 

Until you read it, you can barely form your own opinion about the story.

It started in the labour room and ended when the baby was calm in her grandmother’s arm. The period between these short periods, however, took us on a journey of more events. Through Zikora’s eyes, we came to realise the trauma faced by women rejected by their fiancés or boyfriends. Oh! And women, whose husband are not caring enough to deal with what they’ve done. Like one of her friends said, ‘Some of us have men and are still doing it alone’. 

It wasn’t directed at pregnant women alone. We understood the trauma of women whose husband decided they need a “second” or “other” wife.

Briefly, she touched how some men know nothing about how a woman feels… Or should it be that it showed how men can be stupid when ‘sex’ is involved because it bemuses me to know that some men don’t expect pregnancy when none of them uses protection? While it is true that some men are still suffering from the problems caused by their ancestors, some others are not doing enough. The stone age genes are still alive in many of them.

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Kwame, the fiancé is an African, who lives in a civilised world and would have known better but it’s just one problem found everywhere.

I think Zikora’s son resting in her grandmother’s arm indicates that the future is bright. Boys are being born into the arms of women who understand this pain and will guide the steps of these boys.

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