Writertain Publishers Interviews My fans are a source of encouragement- Serah Iyare (She writes)

My fans are a source of encouragement- Serah Iyare (She writes)

Serah Iyare is a writer whose stories had garnered a lot of fans for her on Nairaland, and Facebook. She has done well to publish some of her books on Okadabooks. You’ll be meeting her as we discuss Characters in her story. 

Writertain: Let’s fire away. So let’s start the conventional way, tell us about you.

 Serah Iyare: The name is Serah Edua Iyare. I am 34, married Osadebamwen Iyare. We have two kids, Paul 5yrs, Stephen 4years

 Writertain: Now, let’s talk about your books. How many books so far?

 Serah Iyare: Unpublished a lot, published on Okadabooks

 Writertain: Wow. What are their titles.?

 Serah Iyare: There are about 50+ stories, all unpublished like Silent Whispers, Stuck, Two Worlds Apart, Letting Go, I Will Love You till Death, Blackest Darkness, I See You etc.
The Published Ones: Torn, Together Forever, B.F.F: Best Friends Forever, Bukky Alakara, Winds of Fate, Broken Bottle, As Deep As The Sea, Razor tongue and Heartstrings.

Writertain: I’m particular drawn to the characters in your story. What motivates their creation? Let’s take Bukky for example

 Serah Iyare: Hmmm… Many of my characters are actually real people, people I came across in different phases of my life… I sometimes mix up their personalities or else, they will know I am writing about them. (Laughs)

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 Writertain: I’ve noticed that your characters have names that are unique not only because they are great names, but for the fact that they have a twist to them. Take Eru in broken bottle and Gbemiga in Bukky Alakara, for examples, is there any reason for using such names?

 Serah Iyare: Well, I know an Eru and a Gbemiga. I am careful when choosing names. As a Nigerian, I like to portray unity among cultures.

 Writertain: Yes, I notice. Like Ibinabo of Heartstrings.

 Serah Iyare: Yea. If I use an English name, I usually add a native name as a last name or first name

 Writertain: Is it that you’re so concerned about our dying culture or you just love Nigerian names?

 Serah Iyare: Both…

 Writertain: So, how have you used this characters to enhance the culture?

 Serah Iyare: Mixed marriages. Unity among tribes. In my stories, I try to get characters from different tribes to mingle, live together, form a bond etc.

 Writertain: That’s good even in this generation. They also build us up. Has any of your characters ever influenced your actions?

 Serah Iyare: As in, in real life… Yea, some of them help me to let go of the past and move on.

 Writertain: That’s cool. Is there any particular case you can share?

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 Serah Iyare: Hmm…Torn… I used to be like the main character when I was younger. I wanted to be fat by all means. But, my family were nicer. Hers were devil’s incarnate. I actually met the babe one on one. I felt so sad for her…

 Writertain: I’m confused. You met the character of your story one on one?

 Serah Iyare: I wrote about her. I met her before I wrote the story

 Writertain: It’s a serious case. So going back to your books, can you describe your writing process?

 Serah Iyare: I started writing with pen and paper. I used to buy notebooks. If I don’t have money, I join all the papers in the house and sew it with needle and thread. I sit on the bed, or wherever I am comfortable and put down all my ideas, dictionary by my sides, several pieces of paper with the characters’ profile, etc. My siblings used to go crazy cos they didn’t understand; all they saw was their sister covered up in piles of papers. Even with a laptop now, I still do the pen and paper magic before typing and editing

 Writertain: Hmm… I know another writer like that. But why does it feel good to write that way

 Serah Iyare: Maybe because I started with that method. I enjoy it sha… I’m all fired up when I write like that.

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Writertain: Maybe. Before we round it up, how does it feel to get back at people through your book? I mean can you share instances you used your characters to talk about someone you are angry at.

 Serah Iyare: Bina, for example, is someone I wish sometimes I had her craziness… she in a way fought the battles I couldn’t. I have never raised my hand on a guy, ever… But, I have met guys I wished I could have taught a lesson or two. Very naughty guys.

Writertain: Thanks for your time. Any words to your fans. Some of them sent in summaries of your works.

 Serah Iyare: Really. Niceee. My fans are a source of encouragement. And I love them to the heavens and back. Don’t give up my people, never ever give up and trust in God, he always shows up.

Writertain: Should they expect any other work from you soon?

Serah Iyare: Yes. I’m editing Beauty and the Mechanic… It is in an 80 leaves notebook. I’m still typing and editing.

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