A Review By Osii

Book Review By Osii
Wow. Intense.

Although the book started out very slow paced, it picked up after a while and I finally began to enjoy the action-packed novel. The ending, I must say, marveled me. I totally didn’t see it coming. Good one.

Character development and resolving.

Nosa: I fell in love with this unrelenting, stubborn, Romeo/ Jack Bauer detective. He was quite adamant in resolving the case of the kidnapping and serial killings but allowed himself to be clouded by the numerous women in his life. Although he claimed to be able to give up heaven and earth for Moriah, he sometimes finds himself saying he’d never do anything to lose Chloe. We get that Moriah is his first love, but can he make up his mind already?

Chloe: This character is very shady. From the beginning of the book I couldn’t understand her problem. She claimed to be obsessed with living a holy life so that she could make heaven but she still committed little sins, was very secretive about a lot of things and harbored evil thoughts concerning others. As the book progresses, it becomes obvious that she’s psychologically deranged. (In fact I made several notes in my jottings that she’s a psychopath. She proved me right.)

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Shayla: Obsessed with Nosa. Cares less about her baby as she’s often threatening to take its life, until the latter end of the book where she actually was faced with imminent danger and she did a 180. I like where you almost had us thinking Shayla was the kidnapper.

Mummy Church: This woman has all her biblical facts wrong. She keeps making wrong spiritual references that don’t relate with the situation. For example, where she made reference to Adam in the Bible and Chloe’s fear for the future. I think she’s just a nuisance, although she led Chloe to an important character in the book.

Moriah: The geek. She was just a distraction basically, although her sins were uncovered in the end.

Raphael and other minor characters: Raphael can be said to be a good friend, he had Chloe’s back to the end, even though he was her puppet. Mr. Johnson and his many proverbs always made me laugh. Agnes is an airhead. Her death serves her right.


Your writing style was simple and straightforward. I like that, because the book is quite tricky, one could get lost in the maze of the characters and their intertwined lives. OMG. I’m totally stunned finding out who was behind everything, it’ll have readers dumbstruck, I can almost predict. Once again, your use of humor, mannerisms, wit are a good ice breaker when tension starts to build up in the progression of events.
Conclusion and Resolve of Climax

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Akin, you’re a bad child. LOL!! I don’t want to leak any spoilers, this book is great. Let readers see for themselves.


Where Nosa, the star, dogged detective, was kidnapped; I mean, how ironic!


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