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Free Editing Apps For Mobile Devices

In recent times, a lot of people have learnt how to write books, projects with their phone. There are many people I know that use their phones to write stories on Nairaland, and other blogs. Most importantly, since people are busy they prefer to use their phone to do most writing. Many of these people use a lot of writing apps, but are limited to typing their works and using their internal editing, which can’t help in the total editing of words.
If you use WPS or Quick words or MS words (mobile version), you would be aware of the fact that most of these writing apps can only check for the right spellings of words and, not grammar. Therefore, it is very essential that you use the apps for the editing you want to do.
The following are some of the best Free Editing apps available for use anytime. Many of them would require the use of internet connection. Although they might not have the same efficiency as a laptop, they are good to go.
1. Nounplus: this application is one that should be used with caution. It is very efficient and works like any basic Microsoft editor. It would point you to phrases you got wrong. It uses different colour codes to highlight any problem in your work. Despite this, it is limited to words below 1000. And that means you would have to keep checking copying and pasting till you finish.
2. Grammarly: this phone app like Nounplus does most basic editing of a typical Microsoft Words editor. The thing that makes it better than other apps is that it floats over other apps and it’ a phone widget that would make editing easy on any platform. With it, you can edit even things you post on social media. The effect is such that you won’t want to overlook its performance.
How do you feel when you write without editing?
Have you ever tried using any other phone apps? How well does it work?
When you tried these ones, what was the result?
Share it all in the comment box below. Thanks.
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