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We will like to introduce this innovative means of reaching out to more people. This highly cost-effective strategy, by “WRITERTAIN PUBLISHERS”, has been tailored to help reduce stress and time spent in the publications of books.

We are a one-stop media solutions company that specializes in Author Branding, Media Contents, Strategic Communication, Print and Electronic Media Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communication. We have extensive expertise in these areas where we offer real-life and value-added solutions that go beyond the ordinary to create intimacy with customers and provide a unique brand experience within the psyche of the customer. We are the spin doctors that manage information and build reputations.

Using Writertain Publishers to publish your book will not only give you the best result but will also help you in the marketing processes involved in the business. Below are some of the services we offer:

  1. Ghostwriting: This is when we write your books on your behalf. You own the right to everything that concerns the book. Research and Interview: We can carry out researches and interviews to complete writing your family history.
  2. Editing and Proofreading: We read through and correct mistakes found in your books.
  3. Formatting of Book: We will format your book to the various formats you can think of including Epub, PDF etc. 
  4. Arranging Books for Printing: Also, we can arrange your book to the desired book size.
  5. Creation of Book Covers: We also can create beautiful book covers that fit your messages
  6. Placement of Images Within Books.
  7. Procurement of ISBN
  8. Printing of Books.

Other Things We Do

  • Marketing of Books
  • Creation of personal websites to effectively market your book

You can visit our store to see examples of our works: store.writertainpublishers.com